Release #2

Download latest version.
Bugs fixed:

  • XP cap reduced from 1,583,495,809 to 1,310,707,109.
    9EF1C: 813D625E -> A5CD1F4E
  • Cap monster ToHit and AC at 255, avoiding overflow on higher difficulty. Additionally freed 115 bytes starting from 30DF8. (Code not mine, taken from – thanks to omleTTooos)
  • Fix Hell invisible walls, Caves “walkable” tiles. New patch_rt.mpq for this. (Code not mine, taken from – thanks to ArthurDent / Ulmo)

Also up for discussion is the “bug” where resistances cause you to no longer block spells. Bug or no? Here is the fix, from

Here is the code for 1.09. This also allows blocking spells with resistances like in Hellfire.
Get stunned/block spells with resistances
:0042A20D 7F0F jg 0042A21E
:0042A20D 7F54 jg 0042A263
69 bytes free space from :0042A21E to (excl.) :0042A263


4 Responses to “Release #2”

  1. Hello,

    It’s a bit late, but I still want to say that you have to thank ArthurDent (and Ulmo ofcourse), and not me for the tile fixes.

  2. diablofixed Says:

    Thanks, it’s fixed in the post.

  3. Personally I think blocking is horrible for magic when you have resistances. It makes the succubi unbelievably annoying when you constantly stop to block their magic when trying to kill them.

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