Release #7

Download latest version.
Bugs fixed:

  • Familiars are now Animals, not Demons – matching the other Winged Fiend (bat) types.
  • PvM and PvP melee max block chance is now capped at 75%.  This will help prevent blocklock.  A later release will address PvM and PvP missile block chance.

6 Responses to “Release #7”

  1. “PvM and PvP melee max block chance is now capped at 75%. This will help prevent blocklock. ” – this is nonsense for PvP. This is good only for noobs.

  2. I would love the unfindable prefixes and suffixes to be fixed. The best ones should be limited to NM or Hell IMO. There hasn’t been any updates in several months tho. I would be interested in helping if this could be fixed. Also, Max block was one of my favorite features in Diablo. Surely capping it against monsters makes you a less effective tank in multiplayer. I don’t see this as a bug and it seems to be more of a gameplay mod.

  3. Capped blocking? I don’t like that because many ironman games are dependent on reliable blocking.

  4. Could you make the previous version available? Thanks.

  5. Soul Reaver Says:

    Great mod, I’ve been playing Diablo 1 again thanks to this!

    I do wonder if you could implement a Hellfire-like version of Mana Shield though (without the bug that reverses what was likely its intended purpose)?

    It makes little sense that the Mana Shield spell doesn’t improve or change in any way when you level it up – I always felt like it was meant to have increasing damage reduction (starting low, capping out at 33% at maximum slvl) as it was levelled. Hellfire tried to implement that but stuffed it up in execution.

  6. Is there a way to download earlier version of this fix? The block change kills ironman runs :/ Other than that it looks great.

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