Release #1

Posted in Release on June 2, 2008 by diablofixed

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Bugs fixed:

  • Price limits on items from shopkeepers raised to 170,000 (or for Wirt, 169,999.5)
    237B6: E0220200 -> 10980200
    23946: E0220200 -> 10980200
    23D1F: E0220200 -> 10980200
    23E59: 905F0100 -> E5B20100
  • Prefix “Sharp” was incorrectly treated as Cursed, fixed
    78FA8: 00000000 -> 01000000
  • Prefix “Champion’s” was unfindable (fix: change qlvl from 40 to 28, matching Master’s and King’s)
    780E8: 28000000 -> 1C000000


Posted in Information on June 2, 2008 by diablofixed

The goal of the Diablo Fixed project is to create a mod aimed at complete resolution of all known bugs in Blizzard’s Diablo game. There is only one version, the ‘latest’, and it will be updated each time a bugfix is made.

More information, including a complete list of target bugs, is available on the About page.